self defense kit
self defense kit
self defense kit

self defense kit

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  • hand painted self defense canvas pouch includes:
  • rechargeable 30 bill stun gun (that doubles as a LED flash light)
  • multi functional hair clip (3 in 1 screw drivers, serrated edge)
  • police grade 0.5 oz pepper spray (up to 12 feet)

If you email me ( with an email receipt of a donation of $10 or more to any of the following organizations, you will receive 35% off your pouch:

  • **the products within the pouch are only meant to be used safely (hopefully never used), within instructions included in the order, for personal safety usage only**
  • full length instructions of how to use each tool safely and local resources available to you will be included in the pouch (with an electronic document sent to you as well)
  • **disclaimer** the intention is not to create a on-edge defensive mindset of being attacked, but rather hopefully creating peace of mind for anyone who may often work late, travel independently often, etc. 
15% of this order will be directly donated to local organizations listed above
***CURRENT chapman students can opt for free pickup/no shipping fees, please see details at checkout***
self defense kit