yuelrebel was created on March, 2019 in the middle of a (slightly manic) night where I grabbed random materials around my room and tried to haphazardly put together a unique top that fit my style (my style being: broody androgynous queen who lives in the streets but can mysteriously afford fine jewelry). 

I wanted a place to combine my passions of ~art~, fashion and community. 15-20% of all proceeds are directed to both OWF and Together We Rise. every purchase you make is in support of your local foster children, check out the linked pages below to see how you can further your support! 

I am self taught and still learning everyday. I use a different combination of paints, embroidery threads, fabrics, industrial chains, thrifted appliqués (& more) to create every unique piece. my pieces are either up-thrifted or made completely from scratch. 

yuelrebel is (and always will be) created for unapologetic self expression for every one-of-a-kind badass that comes across this site. as I grow & expand my skills I hope to learn to create more inclusive and bold pieces, source only sustainable materials, & further my impact on the foster community. 

bold. chaotic. unapologetic. one of a kind pieces for a one of a kind bitch.





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